San Diego Pianos Specials

Special Discounted Purchase from Distressed Piano Factories. Savings Passed on to You!

Pianos have arrived and many have been tuned and prepped for you to audition. Discounts on Every Piano in the Store! Over 100 Bargains!

Brand New Models at Pennies on the Dollar!

  • Baby Grand Pianos in Gloss Black and Beautiful Hard Wood Finishes Will Beautify Your Home

  • Full Sized Professional Concert Grand Pianos

  • Used Steinway Grands in Stock

  • Starter Vertical Pianos Low Cost and Perfect for Beginners

  • Professional Uprights for the Most Serious Pianist

  • Spinet Piano, $399

  • Boston (by Steinway) Baby Grand with Disc Player

  • Yamaha American Console Piano $1288

  • Baldwin 5’, 5’5” and 9’ Grands

  • New Verticals from $2295

Steinway Model “M” (2), “L” and B”

Steinway Model “M” (2), "A" and "C" in Stock

Yamaha C3, C7 , GH1, U1(2), U2 and U3

Yamaha C3, C7 , GH1, On Sale

Bosendorfer 6’7”

Low Prices on Bosendorfer 6’7” Grand Pianos - on Sale Now

New Verticals from $1899 in oak, black, mahogany and bubinga

New Verticals in black, mahogany and cherry
















All pianos in our showroom are one of a kind. When they’re gone they’re gone. Visit us today to find the piano that’s right for you.

We’re dedicated to offering the finest quality pianos at prices that won’t break the bank. Since we don’t hire any commissioned sales people, you can be rest assured that you WILL NOT be bullied into buying a piano that isn’t right for your needs. Make sure you get the best quality and the best price on your next piano, stop by Artistic Pianos today to take advantage of this month’s piano specials, they won’t last long.