Baby Grand Pianos

The classic baby grand piano is about five feet long.  All pianos are about five feet wide (across the front).  The length of the piano is measured from the very front of the instrument to the back of the tail.

A little trick to see if you can fit a baby grand in your room is to stand in the middle of the space and hold your arms straight out to the side. If you can turn a full circle you can fit a five foot grand. (If you play in the NBA you can fit a concert grand!)

Customers often tell me that someone told them not to buy a piano less than six feet long because that is the minimum size grand that sounds better than a vertical. I don’t think that’s true. Many of today’s new moderately priced baby grand pianos sound really good.

Of course if you have a huge room and unlimited budget I can show you some larger pianos that are quite spectacular!

There are very few things you can own that will add to your quality of life as much as  a beautiful baby grand piano. Any home can be transformed by adding a piano. You’ll be surprised at how affordable my low overhead priced baby grand pianos can be!

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