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Art Olson, Owner of Artistic Pianos

Welcome to Artistic Pianos

My early piano studies with Rooney Coffer of The Julliard School led to a lifetime love affair with the piano.

My obsession with Jazz resulted in a degree in piano performance from Berklee College of Music.

My career as a musician on the East Coast included concerts and night club performances. I began teaching in the early 1970′s in a piano store in New York and gradually drifted into the sales department.

To this day I get the greatest enjoyment  from helping someone select a piano for  their home.

San Marcos Piano Store
San Marcos Piano Store

I have always been fascinated by the workings of  a piano and have spent hundreds of hours learning from technicians. I have also visited many of the piano factories around the world.

I don’t employ any sales people. I like to assist every customer who visits Artistic Pianos.

Sales people work on commission which you actually pay, and are directed to sell you the piano they need to sell. They are under pressure to close the sale on your first visit.

The life blood of my business is referrals. I am much more interested in your long term satisfaction with your purchase than in making a quick sale.

Many teachers and technicians have told me that mine is the only store that they will recommend.

I hope you will visit my store soon. I promise you a friendly and informative visit.